1.1. Urmas.net privacy policy reflects the key principles for collection, storage and handling of the website visitor’s data. All the processes are carried out by strict adherence to the legislation of the European Union and the Republic of Lithuania.

1.2. UAB Prekybos miestelis URMAS is the data controller.

1.3. When using the website, submitting data for the newsletter’s registration, ordering services of UAB Prekybos miestelis URMAS or registering an electric vehicle for using a charging station, each visitor of the website confirms that he/she agrees to the regulation contained therein and submits correct personal data only. Acquainting with the principles for data handling will be considered a personal responsibility of each visitor of the website.


2.1. Urmas.net stores visitor data for marketing purposes, to ensure a high quality of the services supplied and to make usage of the website simple.

2.2. Data is collected:

  • during the customer’s registration for the newsletter (email address is stored);
  • as the team is solving any problems related to provision of products or services;
  • during usage of the information presented on the website. More information on links with customer experience is presented in Cookies chapter of the regulations;
  • when registering an electric vehicle for using a charging station.

2.3. Noteworthy, only the necessary data directly related to implementation of the above tasks is collected and stored. You may choose not to submit personal data. You may also request deletion of information on your personal data from Urmas.net database. Should you have any questions concerning the rules for data handling, please contact reklama@urmas.net or address us by any other means of communication specified in Contacts section.


3.1. A pre-registration of electric vehicles is performed to monitor usage of the charging station and to ensure security.

3.2. For the above purposes the following data will be collected:

  • Compulsory: name, surname, email address, make of an electric vehicle, state number plate number;
  • Optional: address, telephone number.

3.3. The customer has a possibility to choose whether his/her data can be used for direct marketing. The decision is submitted when completing the registration form by ticking a correct option.

3.4. Noteworthy, upon the customer’s request the above data may be deleted from the database. In such a case please contact: reklama@urmas.net.


4.1. Owners of the Urmas.net website ensure security of the data stored. Reliable technical, physical and administrative solutions are employed for this purpose.

4.2. Data will be secured from unauthorised:

  • access, review;
  • amendment;
  • copying, distribution;
  • loss, destruction.

4.3. The above is aimed at ensuring security of the data presented only directly in Urmas.net website. IP addresses are also used for this purpose. Privacy policy does not apply to any websites of the third parties which can be accessed via links (e.g. advertised on Urmas.net). We recommend going through privacy policy columns in the third party websites.


5.1. Urmas.net website uses cookies to improve the customer experience. Cookie is a small amount of specific information delivered to the website user’s computer or any other device used for accessing the website.

5.2. Cookies are used:

  • to identify the customer;
  • to collect statistics for visiting the website or any of its parts;
  • to select and submit individually relevant information.

5.3. The website’s visitor may disagree with the policy for cookies usage. In such a case the visitor may terminate usage of the website, change the Internet browser’s settings and/or delete a part of/all the cookies from the device. Upon deletion of cookies a part of the website contents may become unavailable.


6.1. To have a possibility to receive full-fledged services of Urmas.net, the website’s visitor must notify about any changes of his/her personal data. In case of change of any circumstances, a visitor may request termination of data (cookies) submission and storage (email or any other information required to receive the newsletter or register an electric vehicle).

6.2. To terminate submission of data (cookies), a visitor needs to clean the browser’s cookies and turn off a further submission of cookies in the browser settings. When revisiting the website again, select on the bar appearing below that you disagree submission of cookies. Upon deletion of cookies a part of the website contents may become unavailable.

6.3. To remove information submitted by the customer when registering for the newsletter or when registering an electric vehicle for charging, please contact reklama@urmas.net. Data controller must remove the data within one month.


7.1. Urmas.net reserves the right to make any amendments to any or all the provisions of the privacy policy without giving a notice. Visitors who have registered for the newsletter may find a notification of any amendments in the website. Upon a change of the privacy policy provisions usage of services is considered consent.