Shopping area URMAS
elektrėnų g. 1F, LT-51192 Kaunas

You will find a map of the shopping area URMAS by clicking here.


Dates of the international flea market:

27th-29th of September*

*the organizers reserve a right to change the date of the event

How to get here?

Trolleybuses no 8, 9, 12, 15, 16
Bus stop “Urmas”

Bus no 6, 6G, 17, 17G, 28, 36, 41, 43 bus stop “Urmas” ;
Bus no 20, 28, 40 bus stop “Urmas market”
Bus no 17, 43 bus stop “Elektrėnų st.”

Contact us

Interested in having a stall?
Phone +370 611 11 882
Phone +370 618 63 646

General enquiries:
Phone +370 37 455 255
Email info@urmas.net

Traditionally, twice a year, antique lovers and collectors from all over Baltic region come together

Once in spring and once in autumn appearance of three huge tents and a line of restored vintage tractors, steam engines and busses mark the start of a really busy weeknd – the flea and antiques market ‘In a circle of time’.

Things that have a past attract not only collectors, but also crowds of curious people. Mostly, the pre-war, interwar and post-war period items are on sale here, however rarer, older antiques can also be found. Lucky collectors managed to acquire a portrait of Napoleon, a 17th century musket and authentic Lithuanian rural utensils here.

During each of the flea markets, over 300 antique collectors, philatelists, numismatists, second-hand booksellers from all over the Baltic region come to Urmas.